How to Cite this Blog

While a source like Wikipedia is not a reputable source for academic facts, this blog and many others are based on research. As such, if you were inspired by something in a blog post, are referring to a connection made by one of my posts, or paraphrasing material present in one of my posts, you should cite the post like you would any other material.

APA style suggests the following format:

Orne, Jason. (Date of post) Post Title. [blog post] Retrieved from Post URL.


Orne, Jason. (2012, April 30) When Bakhtin is in Boystown. [blog post] Retrieved from

ASA conventions that I typically follow are slightly different:

Orne, Jason. Year of Post. “Post Title.” Known Location: Organization or Blog Title. Retrieved from Post URL


Orne Jason. 2012. “When Bakhtin is in Boystown.” Chicago, IL: Queer Metropolis. Retrieved from

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