Queer Metropolis chronicles my research into gay life and community in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood. I’m a PhD Candidate in Sociology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working with Michael M. Bell of the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology. My work focuses on sexuality and race within queer communities. I started this blog to expand our conceptions of ethnography and take everyone a bit behind the curtain of how ethnographers practice their craft.

I’ll have generally have posts covering three categories:

  1. Fieldwork Scenes — These provide a snapshot of my ethnographic work, reworked from raw field notes to my published style.
  2. Analytical Memos — Qualitative sociology uses memoing to move from specific to theoretical. These track emerging themes, compare field notes with interviews, and bring in research literature.
  3. Method Matters — These posts go behind the scenes to discuss the practical business of conducting ethnography.

You can find out more about me at JasonOrne.com.


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